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Sesame Brittle Production Line Manufacturer in China


Sesame Brittle Production Line

Sesame brittle production line
is a processing method for stirring, pressing and cutting raw materials and other auxiliary materials through high-speed reciprocating movement. The production line has replaced the traditional sesame brittle production method gradually, which becomes the main way to produce sesame brittle.
As a sesame brittle production line manufacturer, we introduce you some features of the production line.
1. The sesame brittle making machine use food-grade stainless steel accessories and materials, the pressure wheel through the hard chromium treatment, non-stick sugar.
2. Unique oil bath design, low noise,not easy to wear, durable.
3. Blade through a special design, thickness can be pressed to 1mm, uniform thickness.
4. Small footprint and easy handling.
5. Can integral type quickly, can adjust thickness at any time, operate stably without noise, roller clearance consistent, wide range of applications.
In addition, sesame brittle contains sugar, in the production process, sugar may stick to the machine, so in order to prolong the service life of the machine, we must do a good job of maintenance, as sesame brittle production line manufacturer, on the maintenance of the machine , we offer the following recommendations:
1. Strictly according to the procedures, and do a good job record, in order to better maintenance equipment, reduce machine failures, prolong the service life of the equipment.
2.Sugar cooking pot as an important part of sesame brittle production line, must be cleaned after each time use.
3. After using, sesame brittle cutting machine's cutter must be cleaned and dried, to avoid rust.
These are some details of sesame brittle production line, if you need more details, please contact us for free.
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