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Granola Bar Press Machine


Granola bar press machine

Granola bar press machine
is our company's latest development of new products, the production line use continuous feed, automatic flattening, automatic cutting, automatic vertical, automatic leveling, moderate density, uniform thickness, use variable frequency adjustment, cutting size accuracy, the whole machine using continuous production, the middle process does not require manual operation , realize the automatic, intelligent operation.
Advantages of granola bar press machine:
1. Paving, leveling, cutting, cooling once completed, large output, high efficiency.
2. Frequency conversion speed, can meet your different product needs, you can adjust the thickness of products and length, width needs to replace the corresponding parts, about a minute to complete.
3. Products can be produced in different shapes: round, square, semicircle, half cylindrical type, etc.
4. Automatic cutting, time-saving, labor-saving, economical and convenient.
Configuration of high-performance inverter, speed regulation convenient and high efficiency, stable performance.
5. The introduction of advanced technology, and further improvement, use dual-pump mixing and PLC man-machine interface control to make it more advanced and more reasonable.
6. Can store dozens of kinds of different product formula parameters, product replacement only need key operation.
7. Molding part of the material selected 304, precision rotor pump injection, more stable, easier to clean, in line with food hygiene standards.
8. Automatic alarm device, reminding failure.Mold pressing molding directly, do not need two times processing.
9. Mechanical and electrical integration equipment, accurate positioning, forming a close cooperation mold, molding effect is good.
10.Change template quickly, convenient and quick replacement.
Technical parameters:
Output:100-200kg/h(can choose and customize)
Total power:3.3kw
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