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Sesame Seeds Benefits and Side Effects


Sesame seeds is the main raw material for sesame brittle, and many people like to eat sesame brittle, but do you know sesame seeds benefits and side effects?
 Sesame Brittle
Sesame Seed Benefits:
1. Skin care
Sesame keeps the skin soft, delicate and smooth. People who use diet to lose weight, because the nutrient intake is not enough, the skin will become dry and rough, so you can eat sesame to supplement nutrition.
2. Lose weight
Sesame contains substances such as egg yolk, choline, and muscle sugar that prevent the body from getting fat. Therefore, if sesame eats too much, it will not gain weight. When dieting and losing weight, eating sesame, rough skin can be improved.
3. Relieve aging
Sesame can slow down the aging of human cells, eliminate free radicals and anti-oxidation in the body.
4. Reduce cholesterol
Sesame is the best food for people with hyperlipidemia, because sesame contains unsaturated fatty acid, linoleic acid. This substance is a fatty acid that the human body cannot synthesize and must. It can inhibit the activity of cholesterol-limiting rate-limiting enzymes to lower serum cholesterol levels, regulate cholesterol metabolism, lower cholesterol and enhance cell membrane permeability.
5. Calcium supplementation
Calcium supplementation through food may be more about milk and eggs, but in fact sesame has better calcium supplementation than milk and eggs. Because sesame has about four times the calcium content of milk and eggs, eating sesame can add more calcium.
Sesame Seeds Side Effects:
1. Causes indigestion
Sesame can be used to extract oil, so the oil content is relatively high and the protein content is high. Both of these substances have the common feature of being easily digested in the body, so eating too much sesame every day increases the burden on the digestive system.
2. Causing hair loss
It is well known that black sesame has the effect of solidifying kidney, black hair and raising hair, but the black sesame has a high oil content, and the body absorbs too much oil and is excreted from the hair follicle. Excessive oil is expelled to block the pores of the scalp, causing the hair to fall and increasing the rate of hair loss.
Above is sesame seeds benefits and effects, and everything has two sides, remember not to overeat.
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