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Potato Chips Fryer Machine to Singapore


      These years, many businessmen import potato chips machine to  Singapore in order to meet with people's preferences. So you can see many fry chips stores on the stree, and there is always a lot of people lining up to buy potato chips lonely or with friends.
      Why this machine is so popular in Singapore even in the world, for this machine's finished size and shape can be designed according to the mould on the forming machine. One set of mould roller can produce one size. If you need different shape and different size, it can customize the mould for will more attract peopel's eyes at first. For Fryer Machine, it is continuous type and will take about only 1-3 minutes to fry this kind of compound potato chips, so it wouldn't waste your so much time. For Flavoring Machine, it is with 10r/min, working speed is adjustable. It is special with spice adding motor to control, and also can adjust the machine to control the amount of spice. the potato chips taste more delicious. Of course, if you have some ideas about this potato chips machine and your chips business, just do it! This machine wouldn't let you down.
 Potato Chips Fryer Machine to Singapor
 Potato Chips Fryer Machine to Singapor

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