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What Is Peanut Candy Making Machine Price?


What is peanut candy making machine price? This problem is one that many customers pay great attention to when buying peanut candy making machine. But the prices of machines from different manufacturers are different, many people have doubts about this phenomenon, so let's analyze it from the following aspects.
1. Cost
Cost is one of the important factors influencing the price of the machine. Generally, the manufacturer will set the price of the machine at the cost price, its cost mainly includes raw materials, time, labor and technology, etc. When the cost of the machine is high, the market price of the machine is relatively high, in order to make a profit, on the contrary, the lower the cost, the lower the market price of the machine.
Peanut Candy Making Machine
2. Material
With the same machine, the more sophisticated the process, the higher the labor cost, the better the material selection, the higher the material cost, the higher the price will be. For example, peanut sugar machine, all stainless steel and part of stainless steel price difference is very big.
3. Type
Every peanut candy making machine manufacturer produces different models, and the price is different for different models. In addition, some customers require special specifications or machines with special functions. Since it's not mass production, the cost increases from design to familiarity, so the price goes up.
After our analysis, you should understand why some machines cost more and others less. So now let's introduce our machines to you.
1. Uniformly spread material, compact, high yield.
2. Belt press, has good pressing effect for peanut candy, sesame candy and other material with high elasticity.
3. Separate motor is used for feeding, which is convenient to control material thickness.
4. Touch screen control, material length, cutting speed and other parameters are set directly on the screen.
5. The cutter adopts servo motor, with higher precision than ordinary motor.
6. The mechanical chassis adopts the latest design, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning. The equipment is of reasonable structure and durable.
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