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How To Make Sugar Coated Peanuts?


Sugar coated peanuts is a very delicious snack for many people, but do you know how to make sugar coated peanuts?
In traditional, you need to prepare a pan, mix the sugar, water and peanuts, then start cooking, cook until the syrup has evaporated, in general, it takes about 10 minutes. Then put the peanuts in a greased baking pan. In the 300 °baking pan bake to hazel, then remove and cool.
But now, many people use sugar coated peanuts making machine, by this machine, about how to make sugar coated peanuts, you just pour the raw materials into machine, and then turn on the machine switch, the machine will complete sugar coating automatically.
Our company is a professional manufacturer for coating machine, our machine is suitable for flour coating peanuts and sugar coating peanuts and other products, let's introduce some of the performance of this machine.
1. With uniform stirring, long service life and other characteristics, according to the requirements, optional hot air device.
2. The machined peanut surface is round and smooth, which can meet the export processing standards. Features of smooth movement, low noise and no pollution.
3. The machine body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to operate, saving electricity and manpower.
4. High output, automatic stirring, automatic spraying and mixing of raw materials, and easy to clean.
5. The speed and inclination of the drum can be adjusted, the quantity of spray can also be adjusted and controlled, adapt to the requirements of different products.
Using the coating machine, you will know how to make sugar coated peanuts clearly, if you have any question, please contact us for free.

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