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New Development For Bag Instant Noodle Production Line


Fast-paced modern life has changed people’s daily eating habits, for fast food playing an increasingly important role, so does the bag instant noodle production line. As the mainstream and classic fast food, the beloved instant noodles have many choices. In the form of packaging, there are bag noodles and pot noodles. In the taste, there are soy sauce, salty and spicy flavors, etc. In terms of the production method, fried method and non-fried method are adopted. As a lover of instant noodles, it is necessary to understand the production  process of instant noodles.
The traditional production process is: First, add 33% water into flour, use Dough Mixer mix dough, next, put the dough into Pressing Machine, and then send into Noodle Cutting Machine. After cutting the noodles, noodles will be sent to the cookingmachine, 1-2min, and then the flavor is processed. There are usually two ways to add flavor, one is soaking method, the other is spraying method. After adding flavor, noodles should be cut again and put into moulds. The non-fried instant noodle is dry by 95 degrees’ hot air directly, but fried instant noodle need to be fried by the 130~150 degree oil. Compared to Non-fried instant noodle, fried instant noodle is more delicious.
With the development of technology, the appearance of Fried Instant Noodle Production Line makes the production of instant noodle more convenient. The instant noodle line contains Brine Mixer, Quantitative Bucket of Salt Water, Double Shaft Double Speed Dough Mixer, Curing Machine, Continuous Pressing Machine, Single Layer Noodle Steaming Machine, Square Instant Noodle Cutting Machine, Frying Machine, Air Cooling Machine. According to relevant statistics, at present, China’s per capita annual sales of instant noodles is fourteen, only 1/3 of Japan, 1/6 of South Korea,so there is a huge consumption potential for instant noodles market.

Bag Instant Noodle Production Line
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