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How To Eat Fried Food Healthily


Fried food is not an so healthy food, but does it mean that we should never eat fried food? Healthy, nutritious diet is a kind of overall diet way of life. So, how to eat fried food healthy? Prompt you to pay more attention to the following tips:

1,  Select the good quality of oil, and control oil temperature and frying time 

First, choose high stability oil, then control the oil temperature, when frying oil temperature is higher, the more toxic and carcinogenic substance will produce, Fried in 160-180 degrees Celsius temperature control more ideal; Shorten the frying time, Fried food in hot oil in time control in 2 ~ 3 minutes, fry until golden brown. And this is can be easily realized in our automatic snack frying machine.

2, Control the consumption 
When eating Fried foods, control the amount of fried food. Don't eat regularly, occasionally to eat is ok. Not eat too much at the same time, if there is a dish of a meal is fried, other food is light oil, it is best to salad, steamed vegetables, stews, etc. 
3, Nutrition collocation to eat healthy 
Fried food is eaten together with green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables contains a large number of the chlorophyll and antioxidant compounds, can to a certain extent, reduce the Fried food mutagenic carcinogens in the role. 
4, After eating Fried food drink yogurt or lemonade 
Eat Fried food, you remember to drink yogurt, which contains nutrition, and can eliminate the redundant and adipose, that Fried food is eat barbecue, Fried food. In addition, lemonade can go fat, prevent constipation, also can fight bacterium, enhance immunity. 
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