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New Type Motorized Plantain Slicer


This motorized plantain slicer is a customized model of ours, which is improved according to the requirements of one of our Nigerian customers. It is an upgrade of the original model.

Motorized plantain slicer working principle:
When the machine works, the cutter plate does synchronous high speed rotation, after putting the material into the material mouth, in the falling process, the rotating knife is cut into slice, and then sent out through the outlet, the whole slicing process is completed, and the cut material remains uniform.
 Fruit Vegetable Slice
The motorized plantain slicer can process bananas, yams, lotus root, sweet potatoes, radishes, cucumbers, potatoes and other products into slices. Good cutting quality, uniform thickness of finished products, fresh cutting tissue, no damage to fiber. And the machine slice efficiency is high, easy to operate, low energy consumption, health, safety, efficiency, is the ideal processing equipment for fruits and vegetables.
 Motorized Plantain Slicer
The motorized plantain slicer machine is mainly composed of frame, rotary cutter plate, transmission part, motor, discharge port, etc., and the parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel. Ensure long-term work is not rust, corrosion, non-toxic, harmless, in line with the health requirements of food processing machinery.

Before use, test the machine to see if the cut vegetables are consistent with the requirements. If not, adjust (or replace) the height of the blade and the rotary table before starting to work. The thickness of the slice is determined by the clearance between the blade and the rotary table.
If this new type plantain slicer machine can’t meet your demand, please contact us and send your requirement to us, then we will custom according to your requirement.
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