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How Are Rice Cakes Made?


Rice cakes have become popular as a low-calorie, low-fat snack. But do you know how are rice cakes made?
Rice cakes are based on grain, bean, potato and so on as raw materials, through the puffing equipment processing, produces a variety of varieties, exquisite appearance, rich nutrition, crisp and fragrant food. Therefore, it is very popular with people. Due to the simple structure, easy operation, low investment and fast income of the equipment for the production of this expanded food, it develops very rapidly and shows great vitality.
 Round Rice Cakes
How are rice cakes made by puffed rice cake machine?
Ingredients — sugar — stirring — forming — cutting — screening — packaging
Following is the details about how are rice cakes made:
1. According to the scope of production stereotypes, the various materials are properly weighed, and it is forbidden to change the dosage of the formula privately.
2. Turn on the power, add palm oil, salt water, sugar and other materials, stir and heat the material, stir and tanning.
3. Mixing and stirring: Transfer the prepared sugar material quickly to the mixture rack, and pour the weighed puffed rice and auxiliary materials into the pot, stir and mix well.
How Are Rice Cake Made?
4. Pour the mixed materials into the forming frame or molding equipment to form and cut. The shape/cut rice cakes are flat and full; the thickness and weight are almost uniform, and the quality of a single rice cake meets the packaging specifications.
5. The inner (outer) bag packaging shall be carried out for different tastes and specifications, and the packaging requirements shall be neat and orderly; the date, production batch number and other corresponding labeling contents shall be clear and accurate, and shall not be mistaken.
There is essentially no waste in the process of making rice cakes except for breakage. Some producers have created markets for the broken cakes by selling them as cereal and ingredients in candy bars as well as bags of broken rice cakes for snacking. Flavors that fall out of fashion are removed from the product line and replaced by new flavors that are in development constantly.
As technology advances, the production of rice cakes is becoming easier, if you will start a rice cakes business, contact us for more details.
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