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Innovation of Instant Noodle Industry


      According to reports, many experts recently made a new evaluation of instant noodles, the instant noodles is not "junk food", will not be unable to digest; instant noodles production also contains a lot of advanced food technology, not "backward food", and so on.
      These are the industry recession caused by the enterprise self-help move. Since 2011, instant noodles sales reduce largely for 5 years. Combined with changes in the food market in recent years, it is not difficult to find, junk food labels only appearance, instant noodles industry in order to fierce competition in the product must not be hit to upgrade. On the one hand, the upgrade, the performance of consumer content, people need healthy food, but also a large number of health food industry, the rise and replacement of consumer demand and ideas have changed. On the other hand, in the form of consumption, the rise of the Internet to take-away to the home, by a smart phone will be able to eat a wide variety of food, instant noodles core competitive advantage - "convenient".
      Instant noodles industry decline is caused by many factors, the industry has a famous saying: no sunset industry, only sunset business, sunset thinking, sunset people. To adapt to the new changes in the market, active transformation and innovation is essential. To upgrade the earlier consumption of Japan, for example, as the instant noodles, their market has obvious stratification, low-end, high-end any of your choice, instant noodles sales increased instead of becoming Japan's "popular food." Consumption of instant noodles in the world's first South Korea, a special pot of instant noodles cook, there are specialized in instant noodles in the hotel, the more complete facilities, the greater the consumption of natural.
      In the new economic field of vision, there is no recession in the industry, sunset industry, only endless innovation and the old model of subversion. Instant noodles industry should continue to innovate, product upgrades, to meet the needs of the market.

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