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How To Make Sesame Crunch?


Sesame Crunch Making Machine

How to make sesame crunch? With the development of technology, the production method of sesame crunch is becoming simpler and simpler. Now let's take a look at the concrete steps of  making sesame crunch by sesame crunch making machine.
1. First, you need to bake the sesame with a sesame roaster machine, and then place it in a container for use.
2. Dissolve sugar using sugar cooking machine.
3. According to the appropriate ratio (the ratio is adjusted according to the actual condition of the finished product), the baked sesame and the already melted sugar are poured into the mixer for mixing. The sesame and the sugar must be stirred well.
4. Pour the evenly blended sesame and sugar into the sesame candy forming cutter machine to complete the sesame candy forming process.
Through the above description, everyone should know the production process of sesame crunch, but there are some issues in the production process that need attention:
1. Because sesame crunch belongs to the food category, it must be clean and hygienic in the production process. The operators should wear overalls and masks.
2. When using the sugar cooking machine, be sure to pay attention to the temperature. If the temperature is too low, the finished product will stick to the teeth. If the temperature is too high, the finished product will break easily.
3. The baked sesame should be kept warm. If it is a cool sesame seed, the temperature of the syrup will decrease quickly after it comes into contact with the hot syrup, so that the sesame candy has already solidified without forming.
If you have problems in the process of using sesame crunch making machine, you can contact us at any time. We are very happy to answer for you.
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