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Granola Bar Manufacturing Process


Granola Bar Manufacturing Process
Modern people are paying more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle. As a healthy food, granola bars have been welcomed by many customers. Now let's introduce the process of hand-made granola bars briefly.
1. Place the oatmeal in a preheated oven, bake at 150 degrees for 5 minutes, and bake oats to make it yellow.
2. Place the almond slices in the oven to bake. The almond slices are more brittle.
3. Cranberries are chopped and dried (if necessary, other ingredients must be chopped).
4. Put whole wheat flour and baked oats, almond flakes, cranberries, etc. into a container and add honey. Add an appropriate amount of water and stir. Note: Do not use too much water.
5. Place the well-mixed material in a mold pan and compact it by hand. The oven was roasted 170 degrees in the oven for half an hour. The length of time was determined based on the thickness of the granola bars actually produced.
6. After baking, you will cool and cut, size can be changed according to their needs.
Through the above introduction, many people may know how to make granola bars, but this method is suitable for home use, if you want to start a granola bar manufacturing process business, you need a granola bar making machine, the machine can meet the large demand of the market . In addition, the machine has strong anti-rust performance, smooth use, high production efficiency, high temperature resistance, and good corrosion resistance, and the machine can fully stir the material inside, have internal heating devices, and stir evenly. In addition, failures can be reduced through good maintenance, prolonging the service life of the machine and obtaining more profits for the manufacturer.
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