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How Is Peanut Butter Made In Factories?


How is peanut butter made in factories? In general, factories use automatic peanut butter production line for mass production, this will not only save labor, but also save costs and meet the needs of the market. So how is peanut butter made in factories by the machine?
Raw materials selection→ blanching → cooling → removing red skin → Rinsing → Pulping → Fine Grinding → Homogeneous → Vacuum concentration and sterilization → Filling → Sterilization → Filling → Finished product
 How Is Peanut Butter Made In Factories
Raw material selection: Choose full peanuts, the kernel color is milky white, taste normal peanuts, the impurities, mildew, moths and immature particles were removed.
Blanching and cooling: Put the selected peanuts into boiling water and hot for about 5 minutes, then quickly scoop them up and put them into cold water to cool down quickly, so that the red coat of peanuts will expand first and then shrink and wrinkle in the sudden heat and cold, which is easy to remove the film. It should be noted that the time should not be too long when hot to avoid the peanut kernels expansion by heat, not conducive to red and the separation of peanut kernels.
Removing skin and rinsing: Remove the red coat and clean it.
Grinding: After rinsing, the peanut kernels were made into thick slurry by beating machine, and then ground into fine slurry through colloid.
Automatic Peanut Butter Production Line For Sale
Homogeneous: The finished product is homogenized in the homogenizer, which makes the granules in the sauce more delicate and facilitates the stability of the quality and flavor of the finished product.
Concentration and sterilization: To maintain the product nutrition and flavor, low-temperature vacuum concentration, enrichment condition of 60 ~ 70 ℃, 0.08~0.09MP. The concentration should be maintained for 50 seconds for sterilization, and then immediately enter the filling process.
Filling and sterilization: Sterilize glass bottles and caps with steam or boiling water in advance. Maintain the paste body temperature above 85 ℃ bottling, and slightly interspace, through vacuum seamer sealing seal. Can sealing at atmospheric pressure boiling water after sterilization remain for 10 minutes, after the completion of the water-cooled step by step to 37 ℃ or so, dry the outside water tank, the final product.
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