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How Do You Cut A Plantain?


How do you cut a plantain? Cut with a knife? This is already a very old method. Now people choose an adjustable plantain chip slicer to do this.
Machine composition: the machine is composed of rotary cutter, automatic slicing system, built-in compressor, thickness adjustment knob, etc.
 Plantain Slice
How do you cut a plantain by machine?
Set and adjust the section thickness as required, the plantain enters the feeder and falls perpendicular to the plate, cut the plantain slices into uniform thickness by automatic control rotating cutting knife. Fast speed, uniform thickness, is the ideal machine for a large number of slices.
Besides the plantain, you can also cut pineapple, orange, kiwi, apple, lemon, lotus root, ginger, etc. The frame and housing are made of high quality stainless steel. It has the characteristics of high reliability, not easy to damage, high speed, high film rate, uniform thickness, convenient operation, adjustable thickness and high processing efficiency.
This slicer is reasonably priced, the finished product is even and complete, the cutter blade is durable, the machine appearance design is exquisite, while ensuring the performance of the machine, we optimized the mechanical structure to the maximum extent. Make the machine structure more compact, more beautiful appearance. The machine is made of superior stainless steel, clean sanitation, has truly achieved the food machinery industry standard. And novel ideas, compact structure, beautiful appearance, safety and health, good performance. Meet national health standards.
 Plantain Slicer Machine
It has the advantages of simple adjustment, convenient maintenance and cleaning, complete functions, wide range of use, small size, high efficiency and complete functions. The finished product has a smooth surface and well organized cut vegetables to keep the bananas fresh.
By using this machine, you will not consider how do cut a plantain, the machine will help you do this.
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