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Hemp Seed Oil Press Equipment Advantages


Automatic screw oil press machine is ideal equipment for hemp seed oil extracting, here will introduce some advantages of this oil press:
Automatic Screw Oil Press Machine
Performance Characteristics of Screw Hemp Seed Oil Press
1, High extracting oil rate: Use the directional pressure, multi-level, one time squeeze clean, yield efficiency is greatly increased.
2, High output: Improved feeding system, increase the advancing speed, improve work efficiency.
3, Automatic temperature control: Electronic program-controlled, scientific heating, automatic control the squeezing temperature.
4, Automatic filter oil: Using the principle of air suction, using vacuum distribution technology, the built-in vacuum shunt, effective separation of oil and residue.
5, Safe and convenient: The structure is exquisite, occupy less space; Driving system consists of fully enclosed protection, safe and convenient operation.
6, Beautiful and easy: Machine cover adopts material electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, resistance to grease, high temperature resistant. Both beautiful and easy, and easy to clean, to ensure the health.
7, Durable: High quality wear-resistant steel and anti-fatigue casting science is tie-in, stable performance, to ensure that the equipment can work continuously for a long time, and durable.

Automatic screw oil press is mainly composed of electric control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum filter oil components. Squeezer alloy steel by carburizing treatment, enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; Press row after surface grinding machine grinding, guarantee the accuracy of oil line, improve the yield efficiency; Distribution, vacuum, automatic heating, such as standard parts, choose domestic well-known brand, optimize machine configuration; Machine on the surface of stainless steel and chrome plating processing, in line with food hygiene standards.
Oil Press Machine
Automatic screw oil press apply for 20 various raw materials such as peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame, olive, sunflower, coconut, cocoa beans, grass seed for squeezing

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