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Supply Ice Cream Cone Machine


LGTT-25 full automatic ice cream cone baking machine is designed by our company based on market demand, the newly developed products, electrical heating, environmental sanitation, electricity use, convenient and quick, is deep loved by customers, is now sold to Amercia,Canada, UK, and other countries.
Ice Cream Cone Making Machine
Techinal Parameter of LGTT-25 Ice Cream Cone Making Machine
Maxium productivity: 2500 pcs/h
Overall power: 1.5kw
Consumotion of LPG: 4kg/h
Pressure of compressed air: 0.6MPa
Consumption of compressed air: 1 m3/h
Total weight: 3T
Outline dimension: 3600mm*2300mm*1900mm
Specific machine to produce the cones shell for rolled sugar ice cream cones and crisp cones
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