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Commercial Halva Bar Cutting Machine for Hot Sale


       This automatic cutting machine is mainly used for cutting different nuts bar candy, such as the halva bar, sesame bar, peanut bar, almonds bar and so on. The single machine is mainly used in the whole production line, but it can also be used singlely.  Designed with the reciprocating platen,  automatic cutting composition,  the raw materials can be cut into the average size products according the customer's requirement, any materail is suitable for this machine.  The halva bar cutting process also is the forming process, before cutting raw materials, all the size of the products will be decided, so customers must have a clear idea. Usually the raw materials is set with the mxing machine, because the mxing process is also is very important for the whole making principle.  All the parts of the machine will stick the machine, which makes the cleaning work is more easy.  And this machine mainly used in the foods processing factory. 

       The details of the halva bar cutting machine:
Capacity: 400-800 kg /h
Power: 3.0 KW
Size: 6200*1800*1200
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