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Best Equipment for Forming Peanut Bar Brittle in Ethiopia


        Ethiopia and Senegal are the mianly countiies for exporting peanuts to other countries,  so  Ethiopia has the rich peanut materials than some other countries.  Rich mateials can reduce many cost in the peanuts foods business, that's why the nuts procesing factory are so popular in Ethiopia. Recently years, there are appearing many different kinds of the peanuts bar brittle business, more and more peanut bar brittle import to Ethiopia. The peanut bar brittle producing line is the most popular machine in the country. This machine consist of the nuts roasting machine, nuts peeling machine, suagr cooking machine, automatic temperature control mixing machine, peanut bar forming machine and the final peanut bar packing machine. The most important part of the line is the peanut bar brittle fmoring machine, this machine is directly decide the size of the peanut bar brittle. The forming processing will not appear the raw materials stick the machine condition, reduce the materials waste in the whole making process. The different parts of whole line has different working ability, so just according your practical condition, the forming machine capacty is about the 400 to 800 kg per hour. It's enough or the middle and small factory. 

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