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How Are Granola Bars Made In Factory?


There are many delicious granola bars in market, but do you know how are granola bars made in factory? Its production process is not what people call manual production, but a fully automated granola bars production line to complete the production.
According to the different conditions of molding and curing of raw materials during granola bar processing, the production of granola bars includes two processes of hot working and cold working. The hot processing process refers to the mixing of cereals, nuts, dried fruits and other materials with sugar, and then finished by pressing, baking, slitting and cooling. When the grain is uncooked or semi-cooked, or the raw material contains ingredients such as starch to be gelatinized, the heat treatment process of baking can ensure the ripening of the product.
 Granola Bars

The cold working process refers to the direct compression molding of the raw materials such as grains, nuts, dried fruits and the like, and the products are directly obtained by tableting and cutting. There is no heat treatment process throughout the production process. When a cooked food that has been pretreated by cooking, extrusion, puffing, baking, or the like is used as a raw material, a cold working process can be employed.
The above is the main method used by the factory to produce granola bars. Although it may seem complicated, the process becomes very simple because the automated machine replaces manual production. If you want to know more about the production of cereal bars, please contact us.
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