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Frying Equipment for Frying Spring Rolls


     The spring roller is chinese special foods at the beginning time, with time going by,it has spread into the different countries, and popular by many people.  How the spring rollers are made? Spring roll is made with the little white flour and add a little water and salt mixing kneading, and then placed them in a special usage pan in the baked into a pie.  Later, put the materials  (minced meat, red bean paste, fruits and vegetables)  put into the pue, and then spread on the leather,  folding the two sides with long roll. Finally, frying them into yellow. The fried spring rollers are finished.  Due to the spring rollers are very thin, so the frying oil temperature is not very easy to control.  If you opening a  factroy or restaurant,to producing the spring rollers, you would better to prepare the professional spring rollers frying machine, this frying machinie can control the temperature very automatic, so you don't worry about the oil temperature become too high or too low. Just any thing  can be controlled by adjusting the machine. There are different frying machine can be choosed with different capaity. This type frying machine is very suitable for fried foods in the small, medium factory. 

     If you are interested in this frying machine, please contact us freely. We can offer you other kinds of frying machine for you, such as the peanuts frying machinefrench fries fryer machine,  broad bean deep frying machine and so on. 

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