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Starch Processing Machine for Sale


        Starch processing machine usually used in making different starch with special machine technology. Now this machine is sale on promotion with large cash back.  This machine is uaually used for extracting starch in five steps. Firstly, washing your materials. Potatoes, cassave, sweet potato, lotus root all can make the starch, before producing the starch, all the materials should clean. If there are to many impurities will break the machine. Secondly,  materials should be cut into small chooped after washing,  and then put the materials to the machine, continously grinding with water, so that the final grinding water will more delicate, not to be oxidized.  Thirdly,  through screening  to separation the ginding water in order to get the starch purposes.   Actually, starch production is a physical process of change, it is based on the principle of separation of the proportion of starch emulsion with a pressure pump into the whirlpool, the bottom flow of sand, the top flow through the pulp, to achieve the purpose of sand. After sand removal, not only can remove fine sand and other impurities, and can protect the disc separator.  Dehydration process in order to dry the starch more easily.  Due to its' special technology, this machine usually very expensive, but now this machine, this machine are promotion largely. During our promotion, you can get the different level cash back, and now buy the machine price is very cost-effective during the promotion activity period, all the machines will restore the original price after the promotion time. So if you are interested in this machine, please action now! 

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