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Details For French Fries Making Machine


Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery is one reliable french fries making machine supplier in China, and this plant is professional, efficient, excellent quality, trustworthy! Following is  the introduction for french fries (potato chips) production line, hope will help you. 
Complete set of potato chips making machines is with convenient operation, high output, good shape, the cutting chips surface smooth, uniform, thickness can be adjusted freely. New energy-saving frying machine is with a variety of forms such as electric heating, coal heating, the whole machine adopts imported high quality stainless steel materials, exquisite workmanship, durable. Adopting intelligent digital display temperature controller, convenient and practical. The overtemperature protection device, let you feel free to use, is a smoke-free type, multi-purpose, water oil hybrid deepfry equipment, the equipment adopted the most advanced international oil mixed fried process, completely changed the structure of the traditional frying equipment, fundamentally solves the disadvantages of traditional fryer, Fried all kinds of food at the same time, each other is not changing, multi-usage; The fried food not only color, aroma, taste nice, clean and beautiful appearance, and improves the product quality, prolong the shelf life. Taken from heating of the reservoir in the middle of the process, control the temperature of the upper and lower reservoir, effectively alleviate the degree of oxidation of frying oil, inhibit the acid value increases, automatic filter residue in the process of frying, automatic temperature control, so as to prolong the service life of frying oil. After energy-saving fryer to my factory work continuously experiments, its peroxide value and test value all meet the national standard, greatly prolong the use of frying oil cycle, reduce waste, save frying oil by more than 50% than traditional fryer. Suitable for medium and small food processing enterprises, are widely used in hotels, hotel, Fried chicken, fast-food restaurants, guest houses, units, institutions, enterprises canteens, Fried food and chain enterprise to use. Dehydration, deoiling machine, shockproof systems have been installed in the process of dehydration, deoiling devices will not shake, using centrifugal principle, electromagnetic brake, digital automatic control, stainless steel making, is currently the most advanced dewatering, oil equipment. 
Above is the french fries (potato chips) processing equipment, the detailed information of this plant is professional preferred beyond chips potato chips production line, if you have any questions about French fries production line information, please contact the company for further more information.
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