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How To Use Deoiling Machine In Semi Automatic Chips Machine


Deoiling machine (Dewatering machine) is a necessary part in semi automatic potato chips making machine. Following is the quality requirement and direction for use the fried food deoiling machine(dewatering machine);
A, Quality Requirements 
1, Dryer adopts computer board type electromagnetic brake, the braking effect is good, time for dehydration and brake delay can be adjustable or set, convenient and practical;
2, Swing basket can be removed or installed, greatly shorten the work time and enhance work efficiency; 
3, Belt transmission, low noise, smooth transmission;
4, bearing used for Japan NSK bearing stainless steel, durable, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, can be used for long time, this is the biggest difference compared with machine by provided with other factory.
B, Method of Application
1, Connected to the power supply, check the power cord if in good condition;
2, Adjust four positioning bolts of this machine, make sure machine evenly set on four corners, and lock nut;
3, Turned on the motor rotation, CHECK if it is consistent with the direction of the arrow, if not consistent, switch 2 power cord;
4, Set dry time, see the operating video; 
5, When above all meet the requirements, put the material evenly into the basket, (note: be sure to uniform or you will make the sling basket lay particular stress and lead to rotational instability) press the switch and begin to work. 
C, Matters needing attention 
1, Before using, must adjust the corners, and fix the bolt;
2, Touch the computer panel lightly when setting time or the operation of normal work, prevent too forcibly from damaging the computer board;
3, Material in the basket must be spread evenly, do not pile up uneven drive rotation, to prevent danger happening;
4, During working, machine cap must be covered completely, no open when working;
5, Machine is transmitted by the triangle belt, after using for a period, if the machine was running out of steam, at this time open the side panel of machine, loosen the motor bolts, tight the triangle belt;
6, This machine is forbidden to wash with water, just use wet cloth to wipe;
7, Repair or maintenance of the machine, must cut off power supply;
8, Machine when using, must be reliable grounding.

There are also another chips deoiling machine for selection, if you want to know more, you can contatc us.
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