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Efficiency of Carrot Washing Machine


There is no doubt that food processing machine has more high effenciency than manpower, that's the reason why so many machines used in the foods processing works. For the carrot washing machine, it designed with save water, energy, time and more clean, has been used to vegetable pre-procecssing works. Cleaning step is the most import step for the vegetable processing, usually, cleaning workers have large work to do every day.  Whole washing process will waste a lot time and power and also with low effenciency, which may influence the whole foods process works.
Good washing machine can not only wash vegetable, but also can control the capacity and effenciency. The big advantage of the machine is that it has the high effenciency than other common washing machine, and length of the washing pot can be customized by customer. People may worry the washing effect, because some washing machine can not wash carrot very well though they can wash them very quickly. This carrot washing machine designed with high pressure water stream wasing system, high pressure water can rinse dirt from surface. And also this machine has the washing rollers, the rollers number can adjust by customers. Though rollers keep turning, can wash the carrot once again, so two washing steps in one machine can ensure the effenciency of washing.
Carrot cleaning machine can improve the efficiency more than 50% than ther washing machine, washed carrot and sediment can be seperated effectively, reducing water turbidity, it is a better way for cleaning water recycling application. It also can wash the cassava, radish, hot pepper, peach and other fruit and root vergetables. 
Carrot washing machine capacity and weight: 
800 kg/h 220 kg, 1200kg/h 300kg, 1500kg/h 380kg, 1800kg/h 400kg, 2000kg/h 460kg, 3000kg/h 560kg, 4000kg/h 600kg, 5000kg/h 700kg, etc...


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