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Sesame Seed Candy Bar Machine Details


The whole sesame seeds candy bar machines are consist of sesame seeds roasting machine, sugar cooking jacket kettle pan, sesame seeds candy forming machine and the sesame seeds candy packing mahcine. Following will show the details of these machines:
First machine: roasting machine. This machine is mainly used for roasting sesame seeds before next step. Roasted sesames seeds taste more better than the raw materails. For the same reason, if making the peanut candy bar, the peanuts also need to be roasted.
Second machine: sugar cooking jacket kettle pan. No matter the sesame seeds candy bar or peanut candy bar, all need sugar paste. Sugar paste should made in high temperature, when sugar meet the high temperature, it will melt into paste. Then put the sesame seeds into the hot sugar and mixing evenly, proportion just depend on your demand. 
Third machine: sesame seeds candy bar forming machine(sesame seeds candy bar cutting machine): This machine mainly decided the size of the final sesame seeds candy bar. Be sure to cut the sesame seeds candy bar into cube before cold, because once sesame seeds candy becoming cold, sugar will solidification, it's hard to cut them into shape.  
Fourth machine: sesame seeds candy bar packing machine: Packing types can be changed for you really need, such as the vacuum packing, bags packing, boxes packing or bottle packing machine, etc. Thus, it's not fixed machine in the sesame seeds candy bar machines. 
All these machine made with anti-sticking treatment, longer after-sale service time, high quality, and so on. Capacity can be customized by your need. 
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