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Mini Automatic Donuts Making Machine for Small Output in Turkey


         First of all, we should talk about the origin of donuts,  in the 1940s, there was a captain named Gray in United States, he was very fond of his mother's hand-made fried bread, but one day he found the central part of the fried bread due to lack of frying time, it taste not fully cooked, so Gray's mother remove the central part of hte bread and frying again.  Gray found that the bread taste very delicious after frying again.  So the donut was born, and now it is still popular in the United States and other countries, sold in any pastry shop or fast food restaurants. 

       Then, this mini donuts machine is smaller than some common donuts making machine, it just take some small area in the pastry shops or restaurants. There are many kinds of the donuts in the market, these types donuts need people post-production later, this machine can make the common type donuts, in other words, this machine is suitable any types making processing, the simple, or complicated.  This machine also is desinged with automatic system. Put the flour into the mixing  funnel, the flour can be mixed into the dough, the next step is molding these dough into the donuts. The size of the donutd can be changed according your really need.  And the speed of the machine can be adjust by the actual situation. If you want a donuts producing line, you can also order big capacity machine, or if you have some special reuqirements, just tell us. We are happy to service you. 

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