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Sesame Candy Processing Equipment for Sudan


        As we alll know, Sesame is one of Sudan's traditional crops and is main export product of its country. The main export targets are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and other Arab countries and South Korea, China. It exports of 109,000 tons in 2003,  about 74.37 million US dollars; in 2004, it exports of 218,000 tons, about 179 million US dollars; it exports of 155,000 tons, worth 119 million US dollars in 2005.  Why Sudan's sesame is so popular in the world, firstly,  there are three main varieties of Sudan sesame: the western brown sesame,  white sesame seeds and Gadarev sesame. Normal annual production of 30-35 million tons. So the capacity of the sesame is enough for many countries people to consump. The white sesame usually be used in dessert making because of its beautiful appearance. The brown and black sesame usually used in oil extraction.  Actually, many sesame are used in sesame candy processing every years in Sudan, due to its rich raw materials, convenient international trade, so their sesame candy also is very popular among the world. So every year, there are large capacity of the sesame candy processing equipment sold to Sudan. We company has offerred the new technology sesame candy processing equipment for many contries. We have more perfect after-sale service for our customers, so if you have any requirement about this sesame candy procesing machine, processing line, just contact us freely. 
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