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Peanut Butter Colloid Mill Supplier in Brazil


Brazil is a country for  consumpting the peanut butter in their daily life. Peanut butter as a delicious condiment, popular in many countries, such as the Amercia, Canada, Austria, India, Korea, Philippines, Hungary, Gambia, Romania, etc. So the peanut butter colloid mill aslo is very popular in the foods factory. 

Application of Colloid Mill in Peanut Butter Producing Process: 
 Producing the peanut buttershould equipmentted with advanced production equipment, especially peanut grinding equipment, colloid mill speed can up to 14000 rpm, grinding head is divided into three, trench top-down gradually shallow, grinding better. Objectively speaking, the highest price of a single product is based on the objective conditions, and that is a reasonable process and advanced equipment, the equipment price is not necessarily the most expensive. With the peanut butter market continues to expand, some Chinese peanut butter making machine manufacturer sold machines to  the world. Because the type of peanut butter colloidal mill can solve the problem of peanut grinding, the smallest particle size up to 200 heads or more.

Producing perocess of peanut butter colloid mill: 
Roasting → cooling → peeling → grinding → mixing →grinding again→ cooling → packing.
So this type of peanut butter colloidal mill is widely used in peanut butter production process due to its good quality and high speed.

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