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How to Clean Sesame Candy Making Machine?


Sesame Candy Making Machine

Now more and more people start to use sesame candy making machine, the machine not only can save manpower, material resources, but also guarantee the taste of sesame. But for the food industry, the health of products and production environment is very important, although using sesame candy making machine can reduce the pollution caused by employees' contact with food, if it is not cleaned up in time during use, it will cause food hygiene problems. Now let us explain how to clean sesame candy making machine?
1. Cleaning the filter regularly . However, you should be noted that the best time for cleaning is sesame machine's body is completely cool. Reverse the flushing and rinse the impurities on the filter. If necessary, gently scrub the filter with a brush.
2. The filter should be scrubbed and put back into the machine promptly, and pay attention to the correctness of the installation.
3. When cleaning the machine, you should pay attention to the removal of impurities, the collection of impurities, the site must be cleaned after the operation is completed.
4. If the mixing blade is difficult to clean, repeated operation several times, it is forbidden to use abrasive detergent and hard wool fabric cleaning, to avoid damage to the non-stick layer, affecting the next stirring and cleaning effect.
Sesame candy making machine manufacturer reminds you that the purpose of cleaning sesame candy machine is to maintain hygiene, but you must pay attention to the use of detergents, we must pay attention to the amount, to avoid the problem of cleaners, to the finished product to bring other health problems.
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