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Why the Wooden Toothpick Making Machine is so Hot


        The Maine of US state be known as  the world toothpick manufacturing capital, because about  90 percent of the world's toothpicks are produced in Maine  in addition, Americans also toothpick esophagus choking one of the main items. So America also is the big country to use toothpick in daily life. Why the wooden toothpick making machine is so hot? Because more and more people think wooden toothpick is convenient, after eating foods you can use a toothpick to clean your tooth more easy. It is very good for you keep tooth health. 

       Another reason is that many people like to cooked wheaten food, so the food more easy to stick to your teeth which made your teeth sick. In most time, peole eating food in restaurant, the wooden toothpick is essentional to customers. Especially in Asian country restaurants, it is very common to use toothpick. With the time goes by, people around the world begining to follow this toothpick. And aslso the machine to making toothpick beocme popular in the world.

      It is an important oral hygiene appliances and also it has more than 2000 years of history.
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