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Sunflower Seed Butter Making Machine Sold To Saudi Arabia


Sesame Tahini Making Machine
This suflower seeds production line was sold to Saudi Arabia. Customer bought this line for processing sesame tahini, about 100-200 kg per hour. According to his requirement, our sales suggested him one set grinder machine, storage tank, and one set cooling and mixing machine.

Sunflower seeds grinder machine: For this machine, we provide different models for selection, different production capacity. This grinder has wide application, suitable for many industries, such as food industry, like peanut butter, pecan butter, cashew nut butter, etc, chemistry industry, like paint, toothpaste, etc.
Storage Tank: This tanks is mainly used to storage the sunflower seeds butter.
Cooling and Mixing Tank: If you want to produce butter with flavors, you can add seasonings for salty butter, etc.
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