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Cold Round Noodles Making Machine Sold to Korea


       Recently, two Korean customers came to our company for buying the cold noodles making machine for their business.  At firat, they are not sure whether our machine our machine is the ideal machine to producing the cold round noodles, so our salesmen Marry take them to our machine manufacturer, and show the machine's working process. Once they see the final products of the machine, they decided to buy this machine. They said this machine is really they want to buy.
       Information of the cold round noodle making machine:
1. Eight models can be choosed. LG 50, LG 60, LG80, LG 120,LG-150,LG-250,LG-350,LG-350.
2. Capacity: 50 kg/h, 60 kg/h, 80 kg/h, 120 kg/h, 150 kg/h, 250 kg/h, 250 kg/h.
3. All the models suitable for the 220 voltage. 
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