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How To Store Fresh Noodles?


Here show storage problem of fresh noodles after produced by automatic noodle making machine.
Automatic Noodle Making Machine
In the whole market situation, the farmer's market on sales are main fresh noodles, because people like wet noodles taste fresh, and refreshing, chewy, and smell better. As a result, fresh noodles sold well on the farmers' market.
However, due to high water content of fresh wet noodles, put in room temperature, especially the summer high temperature environment, from morning to night, wet noodles are decaying, the main phenomenon is mild metamorphism, tastes change, serious sour and mildew, so far there is no very effective  preservation methods under normal temperature. Extend the fresh noodles refreshing time can improve the pasta processing industry present situation, meet the demand of people's life, safeguard people healthy, has the certain practical significance.

Currently improving the shelf life of fresh noodles has the following several aspects:
(1) Use additives in fresh wet noodles whithin teh scope of food standards, to prolong its shelf life, but also is a kind of method widely used in the food industry. There are illegal businessmen add excessive food preservatives, which have a harm to human body, people are now trying to study some natural additives, so as to adapt to the future development trend of the "safe green";
(2) Sterilization processing: Use half wet noodles production technology for reference, through heat treatment appropriate sterilization, prolong the shelf life of purpose; 
(3) Take reasonable packaging technology: Using the gas packing fresh wet noodles, also can effectively improve the product shelf life. All three methods above have the technical feasibility, and the equipment and raw materials is not very high.
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