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Sold Ice Cream Cone Machine to Spain


A few days ago, we received a inquiry about ice cream cone making machine from a Spain customer, he tell us some details about his requirement:
About size: 70mm x220mm, 55mm x180mm, 40mm x120mm,50mm x160mm
Heating method: Electric heating
Port: Valencia port or Algeciras port  
Voltage: 380v 60HZ, 3phrase
And he also need 2 egg rolls machine and 2 ice cream cone rolling machine, he buy this machine to start a new business.
After know the customer’s requirement, we arranged the factory to do a sample and send the finished product to the customer, but the customer thinks the cone is too long and the angle is too small. He needs to be shorter, and the angle is bigger. In order to meet the customer's requirements, we modified the machine and finally reached the customer's wishes.
If you have any requirement about the machine, please tell us, we will customize for you. Welcome to contact us for more details.
Ice Cream Making Machine Spain
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