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Why not produce metal toothpick


Metal toothpick, jade toothpicks, plastic toothpicks, wooden toothpicks, bamboo toothpicks are there.
Bamboo Toothpicks

But the restaurant is generally seen bamboo toothpick, because the cheap, low-cost disposable can throw-throw.

I believe that if a restaurant is not disposable toothpicks, but before the customer used, even precious, even cleaned disinfected, guests do not want to use it ...


Personally I feel that there are several reasons for it:

(1) metal toothpick easy to stab the gums, security is not high, and the production process cumbersome and costly

(2) For health, toothpicks is disposable consumer goods, metal toothpick, a waste of resources.

(3) It was mentioned that can be repeatedly sterilized using, personally I think that ordinary consumers do not have this sterile environment, that there is no time to sterilize, not to carry a toothpick, even if the hotel is that our metal toothpick sterilized that you dare to use it?

(4) toothpick so cheap you revisit an affordable consumer goods is not much market space.


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