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Tongue Depressor Making Machine for Commercial


        This machine can not only make the round stick, but also can make the tongue depressor for the hospitals and clinics. Small cost, big profit came back.

      Tongue depressor is generally used in medical institutions, and also one pce can be one time. Some people may say that the wooden tongue depressor may not environmental protection, but the wooden tongue depressor is more healthy than the stainless steel materials tongue depressor. Sometime in hospital, if the doctor use the stainless steel tongue depressor,it will be disinfected after each time, but there is potential bacterial infection among the patients. Some bacterials may not be killed by the disinfectant. When the next people using it, they will be infected. So the wooden tongue depressor is more clean than other materials. It not waste the wooden materials, because after using in the hospaital, the used wooden tongue depressor can be used as fuel in others fields. The wooden depressor making process also is not very difficult, just need the wooden tongue depressor making machine is ok, the details can follow the machine's introduction. The size and length of the can be customized according customers' requirements.

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