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The Function of Potato Starch Making Machine


Potato starch  machine has a lot of use in our daily life. I will make a brief introduction of the woking process of potato starch making machine in the following. The potatoes will be stored in the day storage after weighed. From the day storage the potatoes will be transported by water stream through a trough into the gravity de-stoner as well as washing without damage and further into the drum washer.


1. Professional manufacture of starch processing machinery

2. Advanced technology and top level quality and design

3. Super level after-sales service and installation

4. Different capacity(10-55t/h) and customized machine

Last, as well as the last process of potato starch making machine, the washed potatoes will be taken up by an inclined belt conveyor, which transports them into the rasper. The special designed stainless steel rasper is easy to operate. The most effective but simple clamping system guarantees an optimal position of the rasper blades and the clamping working.

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