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Some Notes Before Using the Stick Noodles Making Machine


        Working principle of the stick noodles machine is that the flour through the relative rotation rollers will be pressed into extruded dough, and then by the former cutting knife to cut them into film(noodles). The shape of the noodles depends on the specifications of the cutting knifes. All models can be equipped with different specifications cutting knifes, so one machine can variety of noodles.
Pasta machine has been widely applied in people’s life, but do you know what the problems we should pay attention to? In fact, no matter what machine, we should put the safety as first, now briefly show the focus about the noodles machine.
        Noodle machine operation safety regulations:
1. Non-professional worker should prohibit their own operation, they need the guidance of professionals workers to operate the whole machine.
2. The operator should carefully read the instructions before using the machine, we should consider problems in accordance before using noodles machine.
3. In the boot operation should be checked before the various parts of the problem, so that preventive treatment in advance.
4. Do not reverse the machine.
5. Pay attention to foreign matter before put the materials into the machine, once there are some foreign matter in the machine, they will break the machine, and influence the noodles quality.
6. Keep the machine away from the important part of human body avoid to causing the accident.
7. The rotating parts of the machine keep lubricating.  
8. Put the noodles under the ventilated place for drying the noodles more quickly.

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