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Application of Shelling Pumpkin Seeds


Introduction of the pumpkin seeds: 

Pumpkin seeds usually shaped with the flat and oval seeds with green color.  Pumpkin seeds taste a little sweet with rich nutrition, each 100 g will contain about 559 calories include the phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, iron and copper minerals,  that's why they are so popular in market.  

1>. Medicinal value for people:
1. Pumpkin seeds contain active ingredients can eliminate the early swelling of prostatitis, as well as the role of the prevention of prostate cancer; pumpkin seeds for men, there is a very important effect, the prevention and treatment of prostatitis;

2. Pumpkin seeds have a certain therapeutic effect for for schistosomiasis;
3. Pumpkin seed oil has proved to be suffering from overactive bladder, pelvic floor muscle pressure caused by urinary incontinence of women are of great help. Pumpkin seed oil and soybean seed extract ingredient can significantly improve the mixed use of the disease. The only side effects of pumpkin seed oil mentioned in these studies were mild nausea. 

2>. Pumpkin seeds oil:
Pumpkin seeds also can be made into oil, its effect more better than peanuts oil. Pumpkin seeds oil is commonly used in soup making, noodles cooking, paste making, etc. 

3>. Pumpkin seeds biscuits:
Pumpkin seeds also can be put into kinds of biscuits for people. Pumpkin seeds usually should be shelled by pumpkin seeds shelling machine before made foods.  The pumpkin seeds bisucits is the most popular foods in Mexico, it like other nuts can be used in many kinds of foods, such as bread, biscuits, baking foods, sundae, etc. 
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