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Equipment for Inside of Beans Peeling


        The best machine for peeling inside beans is the multifunction beans peeling machine. It usually used for peeling different materials for farmers, foods processing factory,  seeds processing markets, etc. There are two ways to peel the inside beans in large capacity, one is the dry type to peel the beans, another is the wet type. If you want to process the seeds for plant, and keep them fresh, the wet way is better. But if you want to use these beans into foods process, and need roasted beans, the dry way is more better. Because the dry way peel the beans usually should be roasted, the roasted beans though the machine's friction, and the skin will fall of. And peeling and shelling has different means, the peeling stape is usually means that peeling the hard skin of the beans, this type commonly in the food processing industry, people can use the beans without the skin mill into powder. The shell type is commonly in the seed process factory. Some farmer can use beans shelling machine to get the beans for exporting or long-term storage. So different machine has different application different materials. If you have any special requirement, please tell us, we can designed it for you. 
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