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What Is Rice Noodle Making Process?


What is rice noodle making process? When you want to make rice noodles at home or start a rice noodles business, this is a question that must be considered.
First, let us share the rice noodle making process at home.
Prepare ingredients: rice, water, flat stainless steel plates, spoons, big pot
1. Add water to the soaked rice to make rice milk, set aside.
2. Brush each stainless steel plate with a thin layer of cooking oil.
3. Pour a spoonful of rice milk into the flat plate, place the plate into the pot which the water has boiling. cover the pot for about 3 minutes, remove the plate. Put the dish into the basin with cold water, let it cool, after cooling, remove the rice noodles and start making the next one.
4. Cut into strips, add your favorite seasoning and serve.
Rice Noodle Making Process 
Second, we will share you the rice noodle making process in factory.
First, you need to prepare the right amount of rice and soak it in water for several hours, then use the grinder to mix rice and water to make rice milk, pour the rice milk to the rice noodle making machine hopper, turn on the switch, preheating, when the machine produces a lot of steam, open the hopper valve, the rice milk gradually flowed out, the machine automatically completes molding, steaming, cutting and other processes, you just have to collect the finished product manually.
 Rice Noodle Making Machine
For the rice noodle processing plant, the machine is one of the necessary equipment, as a supplier, we want to introduce our machines for you.
1. A worktable has been added to the machine, it is more convenient to use and does not need the customer's own station.
2. It has changed the traditional way of adjusting temperature by voltage regulator and experience, adopt the constant temperature control of the instrument to make the process more simple and can operate after short training.
3. Double layer cooling conveying device, with built-in cooling function, compact appearance, beautiful appearance, small noise, economical and practical.
4. The machine adopts electric or gas heating to generate steam, fully closed transmission mode, multi-functional safe direct heat, thickness and tendons can be adjusted arbitrarily.
5. It is 3-10 times faster than handmade, saving 40% of the cost, only need one person to operate, automatically brush, separate, cut and fold.
6. Adopt automatic folding forming device, NC instrument monitoring device, automatic oil coated, automatic temperature control device.
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