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Full Automatic Potato Starch Processing Equipment


        Potato starch processing equipment investment capacity according to the size and quality of starch (refined starch or raw starch) requirements, select the appropriate semi-mechanized or fully mechanized or automated equipment to process starch.
        Potato starch processing equipment requires the complete of adequate water supply and water quality. And also the water softener commonly known as fresh water or sweet water, it is more good to make starch. Drinking water quality in standards because it non-pathogenic water from deep wells or the river. And easily accessible from potato production base nearer to facilitate drainage, pollution-free surroundings.
        Potato starch processing equipment process: This process is manual automatic complete system is currently popular and relatively complete sets of advanced equipment potato starch, while the company also provides users with automatic control system. Potato Starch Making Process is Cleaning and Peeling--Grinding--Dewatering--Drying--Screening—Packaging. In the crushing section, our Curved Mesh Crusher with national patent is used in grinding and screening setions, it smash the material after multi-level filtering, multi-stage extrusion by a unique processing cycle, with low energy consumption, high starch extraction rate and good quality.
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