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How to Make the Noodles Production Line


        Noodles is the mainly food in many countries, so there are many kinds of noodles with different making methods. Not matter which type of the noodles, the noodles making machine is necessary. But how to make the noodles production line? Noodles production line can be in large or small. Actually, if you have one small noodles processing factory, one noodles making machine is enough. The noodles making machine also can be devided into 5 rollers, 6 rollers, 7 rollers, 8 rollers and 9 rollers. The more rollers have of this machine, the more large of capacity the machine have. We can still set the noodles packing machine and the noodles drying machine according your requirement. The whole noodles production line consists of the flour mixing machine, dough molding machine, noodles forming machine, noodles drying machine and noodles packing machine.
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