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Is Cassava Poisonous ?


Cassava many people may not know, but some people often eat this kind of food, because of its exceptional nutritional value and efficacy by the people like it. So, cassava poisonous?
As long as the poor quality of industrial starch and starch, they are not toxic.
Cassava is one of the world's three major potato, widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions. In the tropical regions of South Asia, cassava is second only to rice, sweet potato, sugar cane and corn crops, the fifth largest. It plays an important role in crop distribution, feed production, industrial applications, has become a widely grown mainly starch processing and fodder crops.
Euphorbiaceae cassava roots cassava, cassava root conical, cylindrical or spindle-shaped, fleshy, rich in starch. Quality cassava flour, edible, or make alcohol, fructose, glucose, etc. industry. Inclusive of all parts of the cassava cyanogenic glycosides, toxic, fleshy part of the fresh potato shall be subject to blisters, drying and other detoxification processing before consumption. Due to perishable fresh potato, usually after the harvest is processed into starch as soon as possible, dry sheet, dry potato tablets. There are two main cassava: bitter cassava (manioc flour for the production of specialized) and sweet cassava (similar to potato consumption methods). Processed food, one of the major grains for local residents.
Normal consumption should be cassava starch, cassava starch processing is no formal toxic. Cassava starch processing process includes peeling, washing, screening, washing, separation, dewatering and drying, after the completion of a series of steps, cassava toxic hydrocyanic acid have been isolated all out. Therefore, food grade cassava starch is safe.
Through the above, we can see that the type of cassava is also there are many, there are food grade, there are industrial-grade, so the time of purchase, be sure to carefully, in order to prevent the election to the industrial-grade cassava flour, leading to poisoning . However, for food grade cassava, you can be assured to eat.
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