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Ethiopian Injera Maker Industrial Level In Hot Selling


The Ethiopian injera maker in industrial level, and the newly developed Ethiopian injera maker machine is three-phase power, which has been changed from one-way operation to two-way operation. Its efficiency has doubled, saving energy, electricity, time and environment. Production of injera size can be customized, uniform thickness, good taste. Available powder, wheat flour, corn flour, sorghum flour, teff flour and other material production, mixing batter, feeding, cutting, folding, such as program is done automatically, rich flavor, aroma rich, long storage time, edible is convenient, suitable for people of all ages to eat. The use of this machine can not only meet the needs of more people, but also bring a lot of profits to the producers. Injera maker is the ideal machine for hotels, supermarkets and families. It covers a small area and is easy to operate.
Industrial Ethiopian Injera Maker Features:
1. Different raw materials can be used to produce different flavors of injera.
2. The machine is easy to be disassembled, cleaned, reorganized and repaired, and the parts that contact with raw materials are all food-grade stainless steel.
3. Diameter and length can be adjusted.
4. The baking wheel is made of special alloy steel without deformation.
5. High precision of the nozzle and uniform thickness of injera.
6. Adopt microcomputer temperature control system to make injera hardness even. Fully automatic cutting, stacking, whole spring rolls, save time and effort.
This Ethiopian injera maker used for industrial, therefore, the following matters should be noted during the use:
1. Stop scheduling any parameters during operation of the machine.
2. People or other objects are prohibited from blocking the light of the laser detector during the operation of the machine.
3. The machine must be reliably connected to the ground wire. If there is any leakage in the production process, the power should be turned off immediately, the reason should be found out, and the machine should be resumed after repair.
4. In order to ensure the normal mold temperature, the conveyor belt should be cleaned before the machine works, so as to avoid affecting the later use.

Industrial Injera Maker Machine
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