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Why People Choose Mechanized Production?


With the improvement of living standards, mechanization has penetrated into all walks of life. So what changes have been brought about by mechanization?

Mechanized production to liberate the productive forces, freeing people from the hard labor in the work environment, improve production efficiency, reduce production cost, increase production efficiency, to inject new vitality into the economic and social development. In the past, when there is no machine, can only rely on human labor, the number of daily production is very limited. But the mechanical production can carry on the assembly line work, the division of labor is fine, in the short time can complete many work tasks, this has saved the labor cost and the production fund expense.

Mechanized production fundamentally solve the labor constraints of production materials, people can not be without a break, can not be unlimited work, can not be non sick, can not do every job is very accurate. But the machine can do, it can be 24 hours of uninterrupted work, and it can bear large than people several times or even hundreds of times the load, instead of a lot of people, largely reducing the labor resources.

The safety factor is improved, and the occurrence of artificial safety accidents is reduced. The use of some machines can replace the manual to do some high-altitude, high risk operations, greatly expanded our production space and scope of labor.

Mechanization of the work to achieve the artificial can not reach modern scientific and agronomic requirements, greatly reducing the labor intensity, improve production conditions, improve the level of productivity for the agricultural production scale, intensive, professional, provides the material basis of commercialization.

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