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How to Make Dry Noodle?


Automatic Noodle Making MachineDry noodle machine working principle: the flour is relative rotation after flour extrusion forming, after before the nose section knife across the piece of cutting, forming a noodles. Noodles depends on the shape of cross section of the specifications of the knife, all models can be installed with different specifications of cut knife, so a machine after changing the face of the different knife can make all kinds of noodles.

LONGER is a professional manufacturer for big small and medium-sized automatic noodle machine, this machine has the following advantages.
a, Adopt gear transmission principle, smooth operation, safe and reliable;
b, High efficiency, good quality;
c, With automatic transmission, automatic cross section, the function of automatic bar, a molding, save the labor;
d, The safe operation, easy to clean;
e, Uniform feeding, low noise, long service life;
f, A variety of specifications cutting tools.
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