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American Donuts Making Machine with Small Capacity


      As we all know that, American donuts, also known as Donatz, Donna, which is a mixture of flour, sugar, cream and eggs and fried though oil. The two most common shapes are hollow rings, or dough in the middle of the package into the cream, egg white (refers to the egg labeled liquid, card Shida) and other sweet stuffing closed donuts.
Approach steps
     1. Dry yeast sprinkled on warm milk (avoid high temperature), mix well to melt. Sift in flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Add another egg. Bunched into a dough. Hard rub for 10 minutes is best. But this step is a very laborious process, so this donuts molding process would though donuts modling machine, this machine can from the donuts modling to the donuts frying step. This small machine is very suitable for the donuts making store. It can make the donuts though the models with the hollw rings.  After modling the shape, the donuts should put on a flat plate and again fermented in a sealed environment for 30 minutes
     2. The frying process. Oil pre-heat about 7-8 minutes, if you can not control the temperature of the oil, you would better to prepare the professional the donuts frying machine, put the donuts into the frying machine about 2 minutes, and keepin rolling them. But one thing you should more pay attention to is that never to fry too long time that will make the donuts black and taste bad.
     3. After frying donuts, cooling them and sprinkle sugar on the top. The donuts is finished. This making process, some steps can not control very well, so the donuts making and frying machine is very necessary for the donuts making business. And also this machine has some different capacity can be choosed according your really need. If you still have some other special reuqirement about this machine, we can design it for you. 

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