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Sold Olive Washing Machine To Tunisia


Sold one set olive washing machine to Tunisia. This olive washing machine is a kind of carrot washing machine, which consists of electric motor, transmission device, brush roller, electric control device, etc. The whole machine is made of high quality corrosion-resistant steel, which can work for 24 hours continuously, no rust, no decay, no deformation, external injection pipe, convenient maintenance, easy to operate, suitable for all kinds of small and medium sized restaurants, pure vegetable processing factory, deep processing of agricultural products, etc. The production capacity is from 500KG to 5000KG per hour, which can meet different demands of agricultural products processors.
When the olive is put into the washing machine, the brush roller turns the raw material and turns it over continuously, at the same time, the drain keeps spraying, rinsing away the dirt from the olive until it is clean. Then open the discharge door, discharge. The discharge port is composed of handle and door.
This olive washing machine is strong and durable, running smoothly, the combination of the national standard motor and reducer, the machine noise is low, the service life is longer, the national standard bearing, the industrial chain wheel, the chain, wear-resistant. The cleaning roller is all made of imported high quality nylon wire. The silk wool is durable, super clean, cleaner and smooth.
The olive washing machine is made of stainless steel, strong and durable, and the olive will not be damaged. Thus achieve high cleanliness, labor saving, water saving, equipment stability, reliable results. The cleanliness of the cleaned product is more than three times higher than that of the manual routine cleaning method.
This olive washing machine uses high pressure water and brush to clean the surface of the olive, which will play a role of impact and brush on the surface of the object being cleaned, brush the surface of the cleaned object. Moreover, the brush can effectively remove the hair in the olive. The high pressure water makes the materials roll over and remove the pesticide residues on the product surface.

Olive Washing Machine
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